Integrated Campaigns

Combining the best online, print, digital and face-to-face communications.

Integrated campaigns have become a critical component to building brand reputations and driving influence. To meet today’s public relations and public affairs challenges, decision-makers and target audiences need to receive messages from multiple, credible platforms.

SevenTwenty Strategies’ seasoned communications professionals help our clients develop highly targeted, integrated campaigns that combine the best of online, print, digital and face-to-face communications to disseminate messages and compel people to take action. Our reach extends internationally and across the country, into key states, congressional districts and designated market areas for a localized delivery of your messages. We help you create relationships, influence people and get results.

Grassroots Advocacy

Defining integrated advocacy.

Over the last 13 years, SevenTwenty Strategies has helped define integrated grassroots advocacy campaigns. We were part of the movement that introduced Internet advocacy to grassroots and have continued to advance strategies for targeting influence online and in the social sphere. We maintain an in-house video production department, a nationwide network of political and media operatives and close relationships with telephone advocacy and direct mail vendors to round out our capabilities and provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of tools to meet their integrated campaign needs.

Campaign Management

Campaigns built on a core message.

Often, clients face multiple challenges simultaneously. We provide strategic counsel and dedicated account teams to help you identify your issue priorities, implement your advocacy agendas, and head off emerging challenges before they escalate into crises. We provide a full array of integrated services to ensure campaign components are complementary and build off a central theme to communicate critical messages.

Communications / Media Planning

Using media to grow your reach.

SevenTwenty Strategies helps your communications grow — online, in print, on the radio, across television. Whether paid, earned or social, we help clients position their messaging, steer conversations about their brands, educate audiences and engage supporters. With SevenTwenty, messages resonate, credibility is established, and your reach grows exponentially.

Digital Advocacy

Online tools that empower engagement.

SevenTwenty Strategies sets the bar high for digital advocacy campaigns, specializing in the design and development of compelling campaign websites equipped with the most powerful legislative action, PAC and government affairs toolsets available today. We’re also setting trends in social media advocacy, from exclusive studies of how the Fortune 500 are using social media for advocacy purposes, to cutting-edge targeting strategies for engaging audiences, measuring online behavior and consumer perception, and identifying new ways to influence people.

Grassroots Marketing

Building brands from the grassroots level.

Consumer engagement. Peer-to-peer conversations. Trusted sources. Word of mouth. Perception. Credibility. Local networks. Local media. SevenTwenty offers consumer grassroots marketing and public awareness programs and research-based marketing campaigns that effectively identify supporters, brand advocates and compelling messages to establish and propel your brand, product or service forward. Ask us how!

Crisis Management

Guiding perceptions back to your side.

While a proactive strategy is usually best, sometimes crises impacting your industry or your brand are inevitable. SevenTwenty provides strategic support to develop an appropriate response, and then work aggressively to ensure your messages reach those impacted first, before your opposition.

Tactics & Infrastructure

Taking action is easier than ever.

Message development and strategy can only take you so far. You also need the infrastructure capable of disseminating campaign messages quickly and effectively. We got our start by building online advocacy platforms, and today offer the highest-performing, most powerful platforms available for registering support, taking action, secure giving and accessing resources online.

Brand Strategy

Establishing a community of brand advocates.

Building a brand is about establishing connections and growing relationships. It’s a dialogue, and it’s about moving forward. SevenTwenty’s award-winning creative team can help your advocacy campaign, corporate brand, coalition or PAC get off the ground, build momentum, sustain an endeavor or rekindle your spark. Engage your stakeholders, your supporters, your messengers. And we’ll do it by connecting you to them.

Message Development

Refining messages, communicating effectively.

Reaching decision-makers in Little Rock is a lot different than Spokane. And there are dozens of media markets and hundreds of congressional districts in between. SevenTwenty Strategies works with our clients to understand their impacted audiences, test and hone core campaign messages, identify touchpoints and areas of resonance, and develop compelling communications that influence people.

Creative Services

Your message never looked so good.

With numerous accolades and awards for creative production and artistic design, SevenTwenty Strategies offers a full suite of creative services. For the Web, on video, in print and plastered across billboards all over downtown. We can say what you were going to say better, smarter and in high-res.

Technology Solutions

Enhancing experiences through smart technology.

Encompass720 Content Management Systems for easy site maintenance. CapwizXC legislative advocacy tools for instant communications. Knowlegis government relations for managing your public affairs campaigns. PACMaster® management and compliance toolset for growing your influence. Grassroots Field Manager for on-the-ground field reporting, as it happens. SevenTwenty Strategies — empowering our clients online since 1999.