Public Affairs

Providing powerful
platforms for educating
and recruiting advocates.

SevenTwenty Strategies helps our clients manage stakeholder relationships, educate legislators and shape public policy at the state, federal and international levels. We achieve results for our clients through an integrated mix of technology, creative and on-the-ground resources strategically positioned to move the meter on key challenges impacting our clients, their stakeholders and the people and communities they serve.

Through our 13-year history designing integrated advocacy campaigns, our research-based methodology driven by examining voter performance and online behavior, our proven track record of recruiting more than 4 million stakeholders and consumers to advocate on behalf of our clients’ issue agendas, and our significant technology, creative and strategic offerings, we provide powerful platforms for educating and recruiting advocates to communicate on behalf of our clients’ issue agendas.

Issues Management

Managing issues, overcoming challenges.

We work with our clients to help them prioritize their issue agendas, cultivate proactive strategies to overcome public affairs challenges and create new issue opportunities, and build platforms for engaging stakeholders and developing an advocacy base, and then activate that base accordingly, before issues emerge. We help our clients imagine the world they’d like to do business in — and then go out and build that world.

Message Development

Refining messages, positioning arguments.

With a combined 60+ years of political insight and public affairs expertise, SevenTwenty’s senior leadership helps our clients communicate their positions on key issues. Rooted in a research-based methodology, we examine voter performance, consumer perception and online behavior to influence messaging, develop a targeted content strategy and hone core advocacy messages to compel stakeholders to learn, share, register and take action.

Stakeholder Engagement

Unifying stakeholder voices.

Industry challenges can impact stakeholders equally — employees, retirees, shareholders, vendors and suppliers — as well as the customers who rely on the services they provide. SevenTwenty helps our clients define their stakeholder audiences, engage them in a conversation about the issues impacting their business, and build a cohesive response to challenges. We’re in the business of unifying voices.

Grassroots Advocacy

Communicate with stakeholders - online and off.

Need to be on the ground, in the papers, on the air and across the blogosphere, in 18 markets at once? We can help. Our local field operatives provide insight, reach and influence in every congressional district and designated market area in the country. We offer a savvy mix of traditional grassroots — phone and mail, design and fulfillment — along with cutting-edge digital advocacy platforms, mobile and social strategies, and video production services to ensure your advocacy messages reach your stakeholders online and off.

Alliance Development

Building coalitions from the (common) ground up.

More often than not, large-scale public affairs issues impact more than one industry and multiple communities. SevenTwenty helps clients identify like-minded, and often untraditional, allies, communicate the benefits of working together to advance a shared agenda, and develop a unified voice that adds credibility to your communications. 

Media Planning

Disseminating messages that resonate locally.

Steer the conversation, promote public debate, generate community support and disseminate credible messages from ally voices that resonate through target markets. SevenTwenty’s media expertise spans paid, earned and social media for print, online, radio, television and billboard. From engaging talk radio in Shreveport, to developing an eight-state media tour — SevenTwenty Strategies knows media.

Digital Advocacy

Interacting online to drive messages.

We helped lead the movement that introduced Internet advocacy in the U.S., working with clients to understand — and interact with — their stakeholders online to drive legislative communications and advance the issues that matter most. From designing compelling and powerful advocacy websites and targeted mobile strategies, to engaging stakeholders through social media and online targeting, we offer the most powerful and highest-performing advocacy, PAC and government relations platforms in the industry today.

Social Media Strategy

Taking your message to the social sphere.

The days of looking past social media platforms for advocacy purposes are long over. SevenTwenty can help you leverage the reach of social media to promote your advocacy or education campaign, recruit advocates, drive traffic to mobilization tools, embed advocacy tools directly into social media pages and disseminate campaign messages. It’s seamless, viral and measurable.

PAC Strategy

Growing your PAC's value and influence.

SevenTwenty offers comprehensive PAC growth and development services for a growing list of Fortune 500 companies and trade associations for PACs of all sizes. We help you understand the challenges facing your PAC and how your current tactics measure up to your competitors — and then execute a strategic plan for producing real results in PAC growth. Make an impact with your solicitable class, as well as with lawmakers.

Public Affairs Technology

Empowering websites to transform conversations.

SevenTwenty Strategies established our reputation for excellence by building advocacy platforms that transform conversations and connect clients with their stakeholders. We specialize in empowering websites with the most powerful advocacy, government relations and PAC technology available in the industry today — and our toolsets have the highest record of Congressional mail delivery, so you can be confident that your messages are getting through to policymakers. We bring speed, accuracy and results to public affairs technology.