Our Services

What award-winning
campaigns are built from.

Strategic Communications / Consulting

Integrated Advocacy Programs

Develop or grow your advocacy resources with targeted communications strategies for activist identification, education, recruitment, retention and maximization

Alliance / Coalition Development

Identify and engage strategic partnerships with like-minded and non-traditional allies to advance causes of mutual concern

Grassroots Audits

Accurately assess the potential and effectiveness of your current political assets, strategies, tactics and opportunities to increase program effectiveness

Media Services

Ensure your messages resonate with our comprehensive paid and earned media services, including paid advertising, press conferences, media tours and speakers’ bureaus, media/spokesperson training, local earned media and engaging the blogosphere

Field Campaigns (Domestic/International)

Community-based grassroots and grasstops/key influential recruitment and mobilization — in every congressional district and DMA in the country — through our nationwide field network of seasoned political operatives, media specialists and marketing pros

Vendor & Supplier Programs

Demonstrate the far reach, economic benefits and community support provided by your industry by engaging and activating a robust network of your supply chain

Social Media / Influence Measurement

Gauge your reputation online and engage consumers and supporters through targeted online recruitment and social media engagement

Advocacy Training

Ensure your advocates and spokespeople are well-equipped to deliver your message with advocacy training webinars and valuable training courses

Event Planning & Execution

Organize and manage D.C. fly-ins, onsite events and local promotions and support your effort with branded campaign kiosks, fresh campaign collateral, and onsite staffing and coordination

Digital Advocacy

Drive advocacy communications via the power and reach of the Internet, through dedicated advocacy platforms and social media targeting

Asset Mapping

Demonstrate your industry footprint through visually compelling asset maps to help illustrate your impact within states, congressional districts and local communities

Telephone Campaigns

Telephone outreach and advocacy services, including live patch-through calls, letter-writing programs and tele-townhalls

PAC Services

PAC Fundraising

Reinvigorate your PAC solicitations and add value to your PAC through engagement videos, enhanced recruitment efforts, fresh collateral and a PAC events series

PAC Technology

Enhance your fundraising program with dedicated PAC websites and giving platforms, PAC education and recruitment videos, and PACMaster® online management tools

PAC Compliance

Take the guess work out of FEC and state compliance reporting with SevenTwenty’s comprehensive PAC management solutions

PAC Audits

Gain valuable insight and recommendations on strategies and best practices for engaging your solicitable class, retaining contributors and energizing your PAC growth and development program

Creative Services

Branding & Logo Development

Re-imagine your brand with a fresh new look and feel for your organization, your cause or your PAC program

Video Production

Education and recruitment video production for advocacy engagement, issue education and PAC fundraising

Collateral Design & Fulfillment

Increase participation and awareness of your initiatives and introduce an aspect of pride among stakeholders with a wide range of collateral materials and compelling creative

Graphic Design

Illustrate your narrative and visualize your brand in print with award-winning design for advertisements, brochures, annual reports, billboards and more

Direct Mail

For public education, GOTV programs and fundraising drives, or increase participation levels with personalized mail that drives supporters to personalized URLs (or PURLs) for unique customizations

Web Design

Eye-catching design and an interactive user experience to make your organization or issue campaign stand out online

Advertising Design / Placement

Engaging design and strategic placement for targeting and recruitment, online and off

Technology Solutions

Website Development

Engaging platforms and powerful tools, including password-protection and conditional content customized for all your target audiences

Database Management

Managing your information resources, segmenting your data and drilling down on unique audiences for customized targeting

Web / Video Hosting

State-of-the-art, secure hosting environment for all your website, video and fundraising platform needs

Application Design

Unique application design and development for consumer engagement, mobile advocacy and on-the-ground recruitment

Mobile Strategy & Development

Mobile advocacy platforms and strategic design for targeting the advocate-on-the-go

Integrated Toolsets

Content Management Systems

Providing easy site maintenance to manage content, engage your supporters and drive awareness of your initiatives


FEC and state compliance reporting made simple

CapwizXC Advocacy Tools

Empower your website and social media presence with the highest-performing, most powerful advocacy toolset in the industry

Grasstops Field Manager

Up-to-the-minute, on-the-ground field reporting, as it happens

Knowlegis Government Relations Tools

Equip your government affairs team with timesaving tools and resources to manage interactions with policymakers and their staff